Bedandbreakfast Euganean Hills, details

Count Giordano Emo Capodilista occasionally offers the opportunty to sleep in the Castle in the rooms of the bedandbreakfastEuganean Hills and the Camera del Maresciallo are waiting for you. Crossing the gravel courtyard and climbing the hill of Mottolo you’ll enter in the fortress, where, in an enticing living and dining room, breakfast is served.

A bedandbreakfast of 70 square meters: a bedroom with boudoir, bathroom and a comfortable parlor to relax, read a book or taste a wine of our cellars.

Chandeliers, paintings, curtains and each single object will tells you the history of the massive walls nowadays decorated with wisteria. You will fell the passion and the love this company has for these lands since the Middle Ages just looking to the beauty of the medieval village, admirable from the windows of the suite, and the perfect nature of the Euganean Hills all around. You’ll have the chance of using a swimming pool for kids and a bathing lake within the property: a place in which enjoy the peace, a charming location allowing you to forget the everyday busy life of the city, an occasion to visit the fascinating Padova, Venice or Vicenza, Verona and Ferrara.


MINIMUM STAY 3 NIGHTS  € 380,00/night

Equipment & Amenities:
  • Wi-Fi
  • Hairdryer
  • Air Conditioning
  • small fridge for beverages