Veneto Villa Tour

With an abundance of extraordinary Veneto Villas to visit, the Villa Emo Capodilista offers an unique experience for guided itineraries in Veneto.

Dating back to approx. 1580 the architectural project by the Italian painter, sculptor and architect of the Renaissance Dario Varotari (c. 1539 – 1596) amazes visitors for its originality: unlike the typical layout to be found in Venetian Villas, the square plan provides an astonishing symmetrical distribution.

The Greek cross shaped internal staircase is covered by barrel vaults decorated with grotesques. The landing was created matching the highest point of the Hill and despite being within the heart of building, one can enjoy breathtaking views onto the surrounding gardens through the land portal. Equally you will be dazzled by the framed view of the trees from the loggia portals.

One of many architectural details of the Villa that enriches the residence that owes a great deal to the artist’s sensitivity and love of nature.

It’s possible to visit Villa Emo Capodilista by reservation only (groups of min 15 people).

The cost for the entrance to the Villa, a walk through the historic vineyards and a visit to the collection of rural tools is € 10,00 per person.
For more information about group reservations please download the leaflet. You can contact us writing at or by filling the online contact form.

For smaller parties or individual visits, you may refer to the News section and the scheduled Open Days.